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Ram Dass and Charan Dass were two fast friends. Ram Dass had two daughters Maya and Roopa. Maya being a widow lived swperately with her brother-in-law Mohan and son in the same village. The younger daugher Roopa was engaged to Goapal, of Charan Dasss son. Charan Dass had engaged his daughter Susheela to Mohan, Mayas brohter-in-law. Such was the peaceful and happy atmosphere when the two friends Ram Dass and Charna Dass differed. . A Panchayat was called by Charan Dasss old Aunt against Charan Dass. Ram Dass was appointed judge. He was placed in a very delicate positin, but Ram Dass prefered justice to the frendship and relations. He gave his Judgement against Charan Dass. . Charan Dass never expected such a judgement from his friend Ram Dass. He became very much angry, and returned the wedding coconut of Ram Dasss daughter Roopa. Not only this but also he told Mayas brother- in-law, Mohan that he was not going to get his daughter Susheels married to him as long as he lived with Maya. Mohan was not to leave his deceased brothers wife at any cost. When Gopal learnt that his fa ther had returned the wedding coconut of Roopa. He quarrelled with his father and left his house. . Mohan was in love with Susheela, but because of his sister-in-law he refused point blank the terms and conditions fo Charan Dass. When his sister-in-law Maya learnt it, she went ot Charna Dass and begged for Susheelas marriage with her Mohan. Charan Dass accepted the proposal but on this condition that she had to get all the property and house registered in the name of Susheela his daughter. Mohan and Susheels got married. . After that how Susheela began to quaqrrel with Maya with the instigation of her parents

Director:Lekhraj Bhakri
Music:Iqbal Quereshi
Main Cast:Raaj Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Shyama, Pandari Bai, Nasir Hussain... more

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