Naulakha Haar 1953 | Arivind Kumar, Meena Kumari, Nirupa Roy | Hindi Full Movie Published: 7 months ago By: NH Studioz


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Naulakha Haar 1953 | Arivind Kumar, Meena Kumari, Nirupa Roy | Hindi Full Movie
Devla is married in a prominent Rajput family located in Mandavgar. Her sister is also married in this family. Their brother, Mahil Rai Podiyal, is bitter about this and plots with Kiriya Rai, which results in Kiriya's vain attempt to steal a valuable necklace, losing his reputation and his sword. Thus humiliated he returns, plots his vengeance, returns back, kills Devla's and her sister's husbands, steals the necklace, sets fire to Mandavgar, takes an elephants and a magical flying horse with him, and hangs the scalps of his victims on the doorway to his palace. Devla swears to avenge this humiliation. Now 19 years later, Devla's son, Udal, has grown up and is told about his past. He decides to kill Kiriya, but finds out that he is Bijma's, the woman he loves, brother. Kiriya finds out about this and forbids Bijma from seeing him again. Nevertheless, Udal sneaks into Bijma's, who is learning magic, room. When Kiriya knocks on the door, Bijma magically transforms Udal into a parrot, but Kiriya wrings it's neck and tosses it from the balcony. With Udal's neck wrung, how will Devla carry out her vengeance?
Directors: Harsukh Jagneshwar Bhatt, Bhalchandra Shukla
Stars: Arvind, Meena Kumari, Ishwarlal
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