SNOWBALL RIDING | Fortnite Best Moments #9 (Fortnite Funny Fails & WTF Moments) (Battle Royale) Published: 3 months ago By: Daily Fortnite

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SNOWBALL RIDING | Fortnite Best Moments #9 (Fortnite Funny Fails & WTF Moments) (Battle Royale)

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Battle royale games are played between a large number of individual players, or a number of small squads (typically up to four or five players). In each match, the goal is to be the last player or last team standing by eliminating all other opponents. A match starts by placing the player-characters into a large map space, which may have random distribution or allow players to have some control of where they start. All players start with minimal equipment, giving no player an implicit advantage at the onset, though games allow players to customize the appearance of their character. Randomly scattered around the map are weapons, armor, vehicles, and other items that are beneficial for combat and survival. Players need to search the map for these items while avoid being killed by other players. Equipment from eliminated players can be looted as well. The "safe area" of the map decreases in size around a randomly selected point throughout the match, forcing surviving players into closer quarters and increasing the chance of player encounters.

SNOWBALL RIDING | Fortnite Best Moments #9 (Fortnite Funny Fails & WTF Moments) (Battle Royale)