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Char Paise (1955) || Kishore Kumar,Shyama || Bollywood Hindi Full Movie
Char Paise is a 1955 Bollywood film starring Kishore Kumar.While in Delhi, plain-clothed C.I.D. Inspector Mohan meets with a gangster, Chandermohan, who is masquerading as a businessman, and agrees to meet with him in Bombay to do business together. After the later arrives in Bombay, he meets with a petty con-man, Basu, as well as his associate, Dasu, and the trio decide to ensnare Mohan in a fake business deal. Mohan, who lives with is widowed mother and a younger brother, Ashok, and is in love with Seema Baxi, has, in the meantime taken adequate measures to try and apprehend Chandermohan. But things do not go exactly as planned after Ashok gets abducted and Seema is determined to marry a male named Roshan.

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