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Dr. Jerome Corsi is a Washington Correspondent for InforWars.com where he works as an investigative reporter.

When Dr. Corsi co-authored UNFIT FOR COMMAND: SWIFT BOAT VETERANS SPEAK OUT AGAINST JOHN KERRY (2004) he changed careers to become a full-time author and investigative reporter.

He is a frequent guest on talk radio shows nationally and has made repeated television appearances on Fox News, MSNBC, C-Span, CNN News and Fox Business News.

In the past few years, Dr. Corsi has published 6 New York Times bestselling non-fiction books, with 2 #1 New York Times bestsellers.​

His most recent book is KILLING THE DEEP STATE: THE PLAN TO SAVE DONALD TRUMP. Publication Date: March 13, 2018. You can assist me by pre-order the book now on Amazon.com using this link: http://amzn.to/2ESZTU7 Publication Date: March 13, 2018.

Dr. Corsi lives with his family in New Jersey, where he is a full-time writer.

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