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Anand (Kishore Kumar), a Punjabi boy comes from Jullunder to Delhi but is unable to find a place to stay as everywhere he goes people want to give their room only to a person of their caste. Desperate, Anand masquerades as a Tamilian, Anand Kumaraswamy, and finds a place to stay with a Tamilian family. There he meets the daughter of the South Indian Cultural Association Head, Janki (Vyjayantimala). Romance develops but Anand is unable to reveal his true identity to her. Daulatram Khanna Nazir Hussain, Anand's father and Janki's father, Subramanyam's (Nana Palsikar) superior, gets transferred to Delhi. Anand's sister Nikki (Jabeen) comes close to Anand's friend, Ashok Banerjee, a Bengali painter who teaches her art. When Daulatram finds out he kicks Ashok out. Anand makes his Tamilian servant Kumaraswamy (Dhoomal) masquerade as his father and they even meet Janki's father to discuss the marriage. But soon they are found out and Daulatram opposes the marriage. Subramanyam too turns against his daughter who tries to kill herself. She is saved by a kindly shop owner (Radhakishen) and passed off as his Punjabi niece, Mohini. Both Subramanyam and Anand are kept in the dark and are convinced Janki is no more. Subramanyam realizes his mistake but sadly he thinks it is too late. Thinking Mohini to be a good Punjabi girl, Anand's family readily agrees to his marriage with her and also fix Nikki's marriage within their community. But the marriage is almost called off when the boy's father demands a huge dowry. It is Ashok who offers his family jewels to Daulatram so that Nikki's marriage can take place. Daulatram's eyes open and he calls off the wedding and marries Nikki to Ashok. The truth about Janki/ Mohini also comes out and now that both the groups have shed their prejudices Anand marries Janki.