Jai Jai Santoshi Maa - Jayshree Gadkar, Arvind Joshi - Bollywood Devotional Full Length Movie Published: 5 years ago By: Rajshri

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Watch the Bollywood devotional movie "Jai Jai Santoshi Maa" Starring: Manhar Desai, Jayshree Gadkar, Arvind Joshi, Meghana Roy, Mahesht. Lyrics: Naresh Namdev. Music by Chanchal B. Narayan. Produced by Kewal Suri. Written & Directed by Thakur C. K. Mast.

Synopsis: The film centers around Gauri who cannot conceive . Every one in the village teases her and believe she is the cursed one due to her abnormality. No one in the village want to talks to her neither they want her to get close to newly born children and preganant ladies following a old false culture. Watch the movie and see how Goddess Santoshi Maa saves Gauri and bring back happiness in the life of her devotee.

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