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Director:Kedar Sharma
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Ashok, having lost his entire family during the partition days, had come to Udaipur to work in a firm called the New Era Tracter co,where his Boss was his old friend. To get accommodation in a respectable locality, Ashok had to pretend as a married man; and the owner of the house, a young widow(Hari Devi) believed him, when he told her that he was expecting the arrival of his wife and children, who may reach Udaipur any moment. . Ashok felt that Hari Devi was very stern and seemed bitter at any thing that was gay or amusing. Ashok tried to understand her bitterness and soon he felt that she was like a little child, from whom a toy had been snatched and so she flung her anger and resentment at any one who was playful and any body who wore a smile. Ashok, on the other hand, who had lost a dozen dear ones, knew that every thing happened as God planned it and so quitely moved along the line of fate Even when he stumbled, he smiled, for he knew that he was like a lonely puppet,and unseen hands pulled the strings. One day he had an argument with Hari Devi and revealed as he retorted "Madame, you are bitter because you have lost a support, but what about me whose entire foundation is shattered, and still I neither curse nor complain.... Destiny leads. Who are we to grumble". Ashok words entered Hari Devis heart like a streak of light entering a dark and dingy place that had yearned for sunshine and warmth. The trutht that Ashok had no one in this world, made Hari Devi unexpectedly sympathetic and she begged him not to leave. now just when Hari Devi had lifted her face up to feel the warmth of the gleam of sunshine, the heavens sent down a burst of rain to wash away the newly born smile. The message came from her mother-in-law to, either drive away the young man from their place or leave Udaipur for Ajmer. . On one of his busines tours, Ashok chanced to meet Manorama. Manorama a naughty young girl, who along with her younger brother Bhulva danced and sang in the Mela to earn her living. Now Manorama was another child whom Destiny for fun had shown through the "peep show" only the ugly side of life. This orphan had learned to suspect learned to steal and snatch with a rare skill. On one of her errands, Manorama was about to fall in the clutches of the law, when Ashok saved her and scolded her for her pranks. They met. They parted. But in Ashoks mind lingered on the innocence, the loveliness and the naughtiness of Manorama. . Days later Destiny took a dramatic turn. Manorama stole somebodys chicken and hid in a house that happened to be the residence of Ashok Ashok again saved her risky pranks and the dangerous consequences. What else could she do ! she sobbed. And Ashok offered a solution, to her problem. She could do the house hold work get a regular salary for her and her brother and in her spare time learn to read and write, and with a little effort change her habits and be a real lady some day. Manorama was highly ambitious, Manorama at once took the job. The brother and sister brought life and laughter to the new surroundings. . Slowly Ashok and Manorama were being pulled towards each other, like puppets by some unseen string, through Manorama occasionally jerked at the string and tried to toss away. . Ashoks Boss and Ashoks friend Shri Pyarelal had only one weakness, and that was "girls". when Shri Pyarelal saw Manorama, he at once tempted her with gold, glamour and glory. He used those magic words, that had always won him a woman. It was a part of his clever scheme to send Ashok out of Udaipur and that too oftener. While Ashok was away on duty, words were whispered to Manorama, underlying a name called Hari Devi. manorama was furious, Manorama was foolish and she walked in to his trap. He took her home, gave her glittering clothes and offered her a sweet drink, which to Manoramas ignorance contained some sort of dope.

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