Judge Mujrim (1997) Full Hindi Movie | Sunil Shetty, Jeetendra, Ashwini Bhave Published: 4 months ago By: Goldmines Housefull

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The movie story deals with Judge Pratap Sinha is a renowned judge who does not pass judgement by sitting down on the judge's chair but he himself investigates and bring the criminals to their fate. This
worshiped of law has a wife Sujata who is a very famous lawyer. He
also has a sister who is a brave police officer. The city's Mafia Don
D.V.M's brother Jaggi commits a gruesome murder of a lady journalist
Bharti. He is arrested and tried by judge Pratap Sinha who passes a
death sentence on Jaggi. One day while judge Pratap was going to the court he sees Sunil stabbing one man to death. With Pratap as witness he tells Ashwini to arrest Sunil, who gets shocked because Sunil is her lover. The court sentences Sunil to death. In jail Sunil meets notorious criminal Mangal, who is Pratap Sinha's enemy. Before Sunil is hanged, D.V.M. tells judge Pratap that Sunil is innocent and that D.V.M. himself had trapped Sunil. Judge Pratap is stunned as if a lightening had struck him. To save the respect of the law Pratap has to break the law. He runs away with Sunil from jail. Behind judge
Pratap and criminal Sunil, are the full police force from one side and on the other is D.V.M's henchmen.