Vaada (2005) Full Hindi Movie | Arjun Rampal, Amisha Patel, Zayed Khan, Rakesh Bedi, Alok Nath Published: 4 months ago By: GoldminesAction

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The movie story deals with Rahul Verma (Arjun Rampal) and Karan Srivastav (Zayed Khan) both are business partners. The film begins with the discovery of dead body of Pooja Sharma (Amisha Patel), Rahul's wife. It is apparent that Pooja has committed suicide by hanging herself. However, before the postmortem, Pooja's body goes missing. As the investigation goes on, the film turns to a flashback, where it is revealed that Karan used to be Pooja's ex-boyfriend. Karan was brash and good looking, but he was extremely possessive of Pooja because in a fit of rage Karan stabbed a man with a fork and forced Pooja to leave her father (Alok Nath). This caused Pooja to break up with him. After the break up, Karan left town and Pooja met a handsome, loving, wealthy man, Rahul. Soon, the two got married and started living a happy married life. However, one day, Rahul lost his eyes in a car crash. Meanwhile, Karan became a wealthy man, unaware of the fact that Pooja is now married. He also met Karan, and the two becoming business partners. Karan goes to Pooja's apartment and finds out that Pooja does not live there and that her father had died. Karan goes to Rahul's house but was shocked to see that Rahul's wife is Pooja.