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Shinchan new movie 2017 In The Treasures Of Buri Buri Kingdom HINDI

In his movie debut, Shinchan (Shinnosuke) wins in a lottery where he gets a chance to visit the Buri Buri Kingdom, in the Buri Buri island. But the real motive was to get the Power from the Buri Buri Kingdom. In their religion, it is said that when there are two people who are like twins, they can get the wealth which is hidden in the Buri Buri Kingdom.The movie starts when one boy named Sunchan (Sunnokeshi) gets kidnapped by some Buri Buri men. This was in a kingdom in the Middle East.

Shinchan and his parents live and ordinary life, where there are some men who spy on Shinchan. The next day, when it was evening, at that time Shinchan and his mother come back from the market, where he sees three men wearing fancy dresses, which was clearly apparent that they had organised a Lottery competition. Mitsy (Shinchan's mother) made the decision of taking part in the competition and when Shinchan moves the lottery machine, in the movie it was shown that the machine contains all golden balls. Having realised that they won the competition, Mitsy jumps with joy. They pack their bags quickly and in the movie, the very first time the parents kissed Shinchan on his cheek to thank him since because of him, they won the lottery and they could go to Buri Buri Kingdom for a holiday.\
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