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Hyderabad Ki Nazneen, 1952
Director: S.M. Yusuf
Music Director: Vasant Desai
Lyrics: Noor Lakhnavi
Choreography: Vinod Chopra, Mohan Shah
Playback: Shamshad Begum, Talat Mahmood, Lata Mangeshkar
Cast: Nigar Sultana, Manhar Desai, Ulhas Wasti, Durga Khote, Murad

No translation, sorry. The source was a VHS tape provided by Mrs. Anand by way of Mr. Surjit Singh. My sincere thanks to the both of them.

Something called Shalimar Recording Company Limited thought it was a good idea to put their scrolling banner ad across most parts of the songs. When you see a blur across the lower part of the screen during the songs, it's my attempt to get rid of those nasty things.

qualquan in one of the comments below provided this description of the film:

It's actually an amusing non-costume morality tale about a haughty wealthy father with 2 devious poorly educated sons and one honest highly trained engineer son. The latter is disowned by the father for claiming he does not care about his inheritance and can earn his own living. Upon his departure the 2 greedy sons begin abusing their parents and one stormy night even knock the father down a staircase and believe he died. They douse his funeral pyre with gas and set fire that very night in pouring rain and leave . Meanwhile the good son finds a job and meets a girl from an aristocratic family with a haughty mother who ultimately appreciates the noble qualities in our hero. The final quarter of the movie has an unexpected surprise and some quite amusing interludes which I won't go into. Yes it also has some tuneful songs with good lyrics.


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