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Real Story of Shin Chan’s Death - शिन चैन की मौत की असली कहानी
You might just cry after knowing the story that I came across on a blog. I think this theory is true and sharing it with all you Shin Chan lovers.
We all love Shin Chan for his brazen replies, witty retorts and for his flirting style. That brings a child-like happiness to everyone’s face. Although our parents used to hate us for watching Shin Chan, but just like us, even they felt the same excitement. Everything related to Shin Chan will forever be etched in our hearts.
But behind that naughty, jolly kid, there is a shocking, real-life story of a Japanese family that has never been explained on any television channel.
The story is that of Misae and her family. Her family consisted of her husband, her kids Shin Chan, Himawaari and their cute little pet Shiro. One day, Shin Chan and Himawari went to the market with their parents for their usual grocery shopping.
Suddenly, Shin Chan observed that his little sister Himawari was crossing the road without any assistance. He ran in order to rescue her. But unfortunately, they met with an accident and died.
Misae got very depressed after this incident. So she used to imagine how her son and daughter would have been had they been alive and she began depicting the lives of her kids on a scrap-book with crayon. That's also the reason why this show is called 'Crayon Shin Chan'
This story inspired Yoshita Usui (the illustrator of the serial) so much that he decided to create an anime by the name Crayon Shin Chan.
Yes, all of those sassy, light-hearted moments that we saw on the television were actually the creations of Shin Chan's mother.
And the makers never wanted to air the last episode of Shin Chan’s death because they did not want the naughty image of Shin-Chan to be diluted.
All in all, the story that made us laugh so hard is actually the result of a tragic incident.
RIP Shin Chan and thank you Misae..
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