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Starring : Sanjay Khan, Rajendra Nath, Mumtaz
Release dates : 30 June 1972
Language : Hindi

Synopsis : It is the story of rebirth of millionaire child Deepak Rai who accidentally shoots his friend, Suraj Prakash (Sanjay Khan) at the age of 10 and believing him to be dead, runs away from home. 14 years later, Deepak discovers that Suraj Prakash is not dead and decides to go back home with friend Kewal Sharma. On discovering that Deepak is a millionnaire, Kewal Sharma kills Deepak on the train journey to Deepak's home city (Anandgiri) and starts living Deepak's life. Meanwhile, the real Deepak Rai (killed) is reborn as Rekha's (Mumtaz's) brother. 5 years later, Kewal Sharma marries Rekha, who is Suraj Prakash's girlfriend. On discovering that Rekha's husband is a drunkard and a womaniser, Rekha's father dies of a heart attack and Rekha's brother (Doby, rebirth of actual Deepak Rai) comes to stay in Deepak Rai's house. Doby, aged 5 by now, knows all about the house and the estate, although he has never been there before in his present life. Suraj Prakash and friend, Inspector Darshan (Rajendra Nath) figure out the mystery behind Doby's familiarity of the place and decide to collect enough evidence against Kewal Sharma to prove him guilty of his crime of murder and deceit.

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