Badlapur Returns (2017) Kannada Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Puneet Rajkumar, Priyamani Published: 3 weeks ago By: GoldminesAction

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The movie story deals with Bond Ravi a generous guy, who has the tendency of helping others. He is a karate champ who works in a medical camp of Singapore. He meets Meera on a bus and falls in love with her charm. One day, Meera visits the same village where Bond Ravi lives to make a documentary film. She stays with her friend Divya . Love with Meera increases for Ravi. When Meera is about to leave the village, she tells him to make something big in life. Ravi, along with Chapathi Babu , leaves his village. On the way he meets a military guy, Chandrakanth , who mistakes the identity of Bond Ravi in the forest. The military guy has come to treat the pain of an army official, Chandrakanth. Now, a sudden shoot begins from Charlie . Bond Ravi helps Chandrakanth in this place. A dreaded personality and drug mafia is looking for his daughter, who thinks his daughter is with Chandrakanth. Next part of the movie is the revenge story of Charlie on Bond Ravi. Charlie on hunting for his daughter kills his daughter, Divya. Chandrakanth’s daughter Meera comes under the custody of Charlie as a part of revenge. The remaining movie revolves around the escape of Meera from Charlie, which is a great task for Bond Ravi.